EMHS – ch184

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 184: Filthy Beggar

For some reason, even though the youth’s face is not completely visible,

Most people’s sights are still uncontrollably drawn to him.

For this man’s temperament is exceedingly refined, his cool gaze has a quiet splendor. When he’s standing in a crowd, he’s like a crane in a group of chickens. Even without revealing his features, people still can’t look away.

“Look at the jade cards on their waists, they are students from Zi Yang Zong!”

“Ah, is it that Zi Yang Zong that is shoulder to shoulder with the Heavenly Road Sect in Huang Yao Country? The Zi Yang Zong where Bai Yichen, that proud son of heaven, is from?”


The crowd’s chattering and discussing voices enters Shen Xiaoru’s ears. Feeling everyone’s attention as they admire the three of them, she reveals a proud and haughty expression on her face.

Her gaze couldn’t help but fall on the masked youth’s form. Her eyes are filled with adoration and obsession.

How can these commoners possibly know?

That this person standing before them is the famous “Dustless Swordsman” Bai Yichen of the Yanwu Continent.

And she is Bai Yichen’s junior sister.

She can get along with this celestial-like man all the time, on a daily basis.

Thinking of this, Shen Xiaoru smiles more charmingly. She steps forward to hold Bai Yichen’s hand, “Senior brother, look, there’s a free spot, let’s take a seat over there!”

But before she finishes talking, the young man indifferently withdraws his hand and directly moves towards the vacant spot.

Shen Xiaoru stomps her feet, but immediately tries to catch up.

When she’s finally in front of Bai Yichen, she immediately reveals a fawning and coquettish smile, “Bother, what do you want to eat? I’ve heard that the signature dishes of this restaurant are very good…”

However, Bai Yichen still ignores her. Instead, there’s a faint anxiousness in his eyes.

“Senior brother, you shouldn’t worry too much.” his companion, another youth in white, comforts him, “Surely, Heaven helps the worthy like Lin-sister, it could even be a misfortune that turns into a blessing.”

As soon as Shen Xiaoru hears the words “Lin-sister”, she immediately grits her teeth in anger.

It’s quite a long time before she could press down the loathing in her mind. She says in a spoiled manner: “Maybe Sitong-sister is having too much fun, and just forgot the time because it’s her first time travelling out! Actually tiring senior brother from worrying about her even here, that’s too much…”

She still hasn’t finished her words when Bai Yichen’s grim and eerie gaze sweeps over her. This immediately jolts her into trembling, and she no longer dares to continue talking.

Gao Chenyu promptly refutes: “Lin-sister has always been very clever and sensible, how can she disappear for so many days without sending a message? Do you think she’s like you?!”

Shen Xiaoru twists her nose in anger, fiercely glaring at Gao Chenyu, yet she grievously looks towards Bai Yichen.

It’s a pity that both men refuse to acknowledge her.

Shen Xiaoru ferociously brushes her sleeves in annoyance, her careless hand brushes the person passing beside her.

Following that, a clear and sweet-sounding voice enters her ears, “Shopkeeper, give me all of your signature dishes, quickly!”

Shen Xiaoru takes her hand back and finds that her snow white sleeves that were untainted by even a speck of dust, is now dirtied by dirt and grime.

She turns her head and sees at the table near theirs, one big and one small, there’s a pair of filthy beggars taking a seat.

The dirt on her clothes is caused by that pair of bums.

Shen Xiaoru has a bellyful of fire, and she can’t pour it on Bai Yichen. Now, she finally finds somewhere to vent her anger.

“Where did these beggars come from, don’t you have eyes to see where you’re going? Do you know this miss’ Sky Snow Silkworm clothes, just how much they’re worth? Making me dirty, can you two poor tarts afford to compensate me?!”

As she says that, she even stands up then points a finger towards the shopkeeper. Saying with a stern voice: “Shopkeeper, come over here! What do you mean by this? Why are you letting this kind of people in? Won’t it destroy our appetite if you put these filthy beggars beside us?”

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The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

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