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Chapter 260: Had a Dream Last Night?
    Those little brows unfold.
    There’s no smile on on that handsome little face, nor is there any dependence. However, there is a kind of inexplicable peace.
    Like a solitary boat that had been floating through a large ocean has finally found a harbor that will shelter it.
    The incense inside the room waft through the air.
    As he’s holding the child, Di Ming Jue unexpectedly feels a sense of sleepiness come over him.
    He had done something to this incense.
    Making Muyan and Xiao Bao sleep a little deeper, making them unaware of his approach.
    But this incense shouldn’t have any effect on him–
    The strange thing is, it surprisingly has no effect on Xiao Bao.
    At this very moment however – as he smells the fresh and clean scent, as he holds the small child, as he’s sees the peaceful sleeping face of his beloved woman,
    All the nerves in his body can’t help but relax, he can’t help but want to sleep.
    Di Ming Jue lies down, placing Xiao Bao in the middle. A long arm stretches out, settling the pair of mother and son under his protection. He closes his eyes.
    Without Xiao Bao obstructing them, Di Ming Jue truly can’t guarantee whether or not he’ll wake up halfway and directly devour this woman into his belly, the only one he loves so dearly, but hates to the point that it’s making his teeth itch.
    The next day, the sunlight comes through from outside the window, and unto the bed.
    Muyan stretches out her body as she sits up, the corners of her mouth are slightly upturned, her smile is inexplicably languid and cozy.
    She slept very well last night, to the extent that her overall mood is incredibly cheerful.
    There’s only one thing that’s making her gloomy.
    Last night, she seems to have dreamed of that man who left without a warning.
    Di Ming Jue!
    Tsk… why would she dream about that man?
    And in her dream, as she was dazedly looking at the man’s face, he seemed to have become restless, and he was trying to take liberties with her.
    Could it be that because that man’s face is really too handsome that it’s an unprecedented brutality*, so she kept it in her mind, and it resulted in that kind of dream?
  • possibly the equivalent of “you’re too handsome, it should be illegal”
    Muyan shakes her head, throwing off this awful thought from her mind.
    Just then, she finds another strange thing.
    Xiao Bao isn’t in her embrace.
    Instead, he’s sleeping about an arm’s length away from her.
    And not only is he sleeping very soundly, there isn’t the smallest bit of discomfort on his little face, nor is there any panic or sadness.
    Muyan’s face looks somewhat disbelieving.
    She doesn’t know if it’s because she was persecuted while she was pregnant,
    – that even though he had always been very strong and independent, as well as astonishingly talented – Xiao Bao lacks a sense of security  
    Even though his little face is always stretched taut, he really likes to stick to her.
    Especially whenever they go to sleep at night: if he’s not within her arms, he can’t sleep well.
    When Xiao Bao had just turned four, Muyan also thought that the boy should be more independent, and so she wanted to let him sleep by himself.
    When she suggested this, Xiao Bao agreed.
    When she woke up in the middle of the night however, Muyan found that the little figure lying at a corner is crying silently.
    Not making a sound, the tiny from is curled up into a ball.
    At that time, Muyan regretted it so dearly that she almost couldn’t breathe.
    Since then, she never asked Xiao Bao to sleep by himself.
    Every night, she falls asleep and wakes up with her baby safely held inside her arms. Telling him through gestures that he shouldn’t be sad, he shouldn’t feel bad, niangqin is by his side.
    As if sensing Muyan’s gaze, Xiao Bao rubs his eyes and opens them.
    A pair of big blue eyes shine brightly under the sunlight, casting an inherent coldness and nobility.
    Muyan is jolted at that instant.
    These eyes seem to match with the blue pupils of the man she saw in her dream.
    “Niangqin!” as he’s opening his eyes, Xiao Bao doesn’t sense the flustered breath on Muyan.

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