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Chapter 284: The Dangerous Enforcer Li
    Jun Muyan doesn’t bother with him, opting to turn towards that beautiful woman instead.
    “Oh, that’s right. Just now, wasn’t it you who said that my establishment’s treatment killed someone?”
    The woman meets those bottomless peach-blossom eyes of Muyan, making her quiver from head to foot.
    She repeatedly shakes her head and says: “No no no! I… I just misunderstood! This housewife was simply worried about husband and got anxious!”
    “Haha? Anxious and worried about your husband?” Muyan’s mouth is slightly quirked up, “But just a moment ago, why did I hear you say that you didn’t mean to harm him? Moreover, if you’re really anxious and worried about your husband, why is it that seeing him alive, your first reaction isn’t to go wild with joy, but you tumble to the ground from fright?”
    Saying that, Muyan even turns to Dr. Yu and sticks out her lips, “Look, the person you accused of killing your husband – he didn’t feel scared at all when he saw your husband come to life, he’s very happy instead!”
    Having himself referred to, Dr. Yu is simply overwhelmed by the favor from his superior.
    He promptly gives a deep bow towards Muyan. When he raises his head up, the rims of his eyes are all red, “Thank you, Miss, for your grace of saving me!”
    Muyan smiles towards him but she doesn’t say anything.
    Hearing Muyan’s questions, the middle-aged man’s gaze turns sharp as he looks at that beautiful woman.
    The woman begins to uncontrollably tremble from head to foot, “I… I’m not… I just didn’t expect that my husband would still be alive… I’m very… very happy…”
    Halfway through her words, a hand suddenly clutches her throat.
    The middle-aged man coldly says: “No wonder I felt pain on my neck when I stood up, it was at that time that you moved against me, wasn’t it? You poisonous woman, I wasn’t unkind to you, how can you treat me like this!!”
    After that, the five fingers immediately tighten up.
    The woman opens her eyes wide in horror. She can’t bear it any longer, and she lets out a broken, hoarse voice to beg forgiveness, “No… not me… it’s… it’s someone from the Hongfu Medical Center that made me… made me kill you in the Junji Medical Center, and blame them…”
    “Someone from the Hongfu Medical Center? Who?”
    The beautiful woman tearfully looks towards the direction of Deng Hongfeng.
    But she suddenly feels a pang in her skull, and soon after, she has completely lost her breath.
    The one who moved is unexpectedly not the middle-aged man, but the guard by Deng Hongfeng’s side.
    That guard’s appearance is very ordinary, but when he moves, he gives off the breath of a dreadful cultivation.
    This breath is frightening to the point where everyone in there feels a chill run down their spine, cold sweat flowing down.
    After he returns to Deng Hongfeng’s side, he smiles coldly and says: “A poisonous woman who dares to shift the blame to a senior doctor, she’s simply tired of living!”
    “And you!” he looks at Muyan, the expression in his eyes is so cold that it could freeze other people stiff, “Clean your mouth a bit for me. The dignified Xuan Medical Pavilion is not something that a silly little girl like you can provoke.”
    Hearing someone insult his mother, Xiao Bao’s eyes grow cold, and he takes a step forward to set out.
    However, Muyan very quickly restrains him by the shoulder.
    The breath on this guard is very dangerous.
    Although his cultivation is not as good as her own, Muyan just has this inexplicable intuition of danger.
    Most of all, when he was hiding behind Deng Hongfeng just now, she herself wasn’t able to sense him.
    She may not be afraid of him moving against her, but there are innocent patients in Junji Medical Center. They might suffer a calamity.
    Seeing the guard act, Deng Hongfeng’s eyes brighten all of a sudden, “Enforcer Li, you… you’re finally willing to do it at last!”
    The man is clearly dressed-up as a guard, but Deng Hongfeng is extremely respectful towards him.
    And that guard called Enforcer Li – the eyes that he uses to look at Deng Hongfeng doesn’t have even a tiny bit of submission or awe. On the contrary, it is filled with disdain.

9 Comments on “EMHS – ch284

  1. Truly Deng Hongfeng not cry untill he see he’s own grave.
    (hopefully he see it soon enough)

    Thx for the double chapter
    /Respectfully cupping fists/


  2. thank you for the chapter.

    I cannot wait to see what moves Enforcer Li will do. Is he as foolish as Deng Hongfeng?

    As for Deng Hongfeng, please continue to behave arrogantly. I do not believe that the heavens will not seek justice for those who are so arrogant.


  3. how is Deng Hongfeng still in charge???? Clearly if he’s that despicable and there’s someone with better medical skills and with a better personality, wouldn’t it be great to just throw Deng Hongfeng away? Or is it because he’s such trash that it’s easier to use him?


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