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Chapter 321: A man and a woman, together in the depth of the night
    It’s only when Muyan comes over and drapes a coat over her body, does Ying abruptly come back to her senses.
    Soon after, Ying Mei snaps her eyes wide open.
    That’s because she discovers that on her chest, the pain that has been consistently tormenting her,
    It has mostly disappeared at this moment.
    She has never felt her breathing be so smooth and unhindered ever since her illness has set several years ago.
    Ying Mei abruptly sits up, not even bothering to fix up the clothes that aren’t covering her body, and she gives three heavy kowtows to Muyan.
    She opens her mouth, wanting to say something, but her voice seems to be stuck to her throat.
    No matter how much she speaks of gratitude, it will be pale and lacking in the face of such favor and grace.
    She only recognizes that from here on out, her life no longer belongs to Jun Shang alone, but also to Miss Muyan.
    On the other hand, Muyan only smiles like a soft breeze and a light cloud, “Only a tenth of your treatment has been completed. Later, you have to receive my qin treatment every few days. Additionally, I will give you some special draughts, if you apply it to your chest before going to bed every night…”
    Ying Mei’s eyes are filled with gratitude, not only would Muyan treat her illness, she’s even giving her draughts to alleviate the pain on her chest.
    Who would’ve expected that in the next sentence, she would hear Muyan speak in a teasing tone of voice: “These draughts can restore the perfect shape of your jade bunnies. Their form is obviously so beautiful and seductive, forcibly making them as flat as tablets, it’s indeed a brutally great waste of natural resources… don’t worry, the draught for recovery that I’m giving you would guarantee that even without pushing them up, they will still have a shape that will make all the women in the world envy.”
    Ying Mei is practically scrambling in her escape, rushing out of Muyan’s door even though she has yet to neatly put on her clothes.
    As soon as she gets out, she runs into Han Ye in her haste.
    “Ying Mei, have you heard of the scream just now? It seems to have come from Miss Jun’s…”
    Han Ye’s voice comes to a grinding halt. He looks at the improperly-dressed Ying Mei like he’s looking at a ghost, then he looks at Jun Muyan who’s only wearing night clothes inside her room.
    “Y-y-you… you two…”
    Very late at night, a man and a woman together, their clothes in disorder…
    Ying Mei slams Muyan’s door close. She tidies up her clothes and lets out a long sigh.
    Fortunately, she still had clothes wrapped around her when she was hurriedly running out.
    Otherwise, she probably would’ve exposed herself in front of Han Ye by now.
    “I say, little Shadow*, don’t you want to keep your life!?” Han Ye suddenly raises his voice.
  • Ying = shadow
    Ying Mei buttons up her coat and shoots him a cold glare.
    Her eyes are filled with contempt, like they’re saying ‘you’re too noisy’.
    Han Ye takes in a deep breath, repeating a mantra in his head a hundred times: don’t bicker with this smelly boy.
    He can only say through gritted teeth: “Don’t you know who Miss Jun is? She is our Jun Shang’s destined woman, the future Mistress of our Polar Domain. Your brain is broken, even letting in whatever wind that would make you dare to… dare to…”
    Han Ye can’t say the next words.
    He feels that by simply thinking of the scene from just a moment ago, his little heart is going to get scorched by lightning.
    The image of a jealous Jun Shang-daren seems to appear before his eyes – taking this smelly boy in front of him, then flaying, wringing and frying him to a crisp.
    Grabbing Ying Mei’s collar, Han Ye takes another deep breath and rambles: “In any case, if you still want your little life, distance yourself a little farther away from Miss Jun. Or else, if this is discovered by Jun Shang… you’re dead!”
    Ying Mei raises her brows, the expression on her face saying ‘are you an idiot?’.
    “It was Jun Shang who told me to guard Miss Jun.”
    Protect Jun Muyan, and at the same time, prevent her from running away.
    Of course, right now, Ying Mei only wants to protect Miss Jun properly.

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  1. jade bunnies

    perky jade bunnies……

    Muyan is a bi icon.

    Thanks for the chapter!


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  3. Haha, also expecting these two to get together. Can’t wait till he discovers hes a she


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