EMHS – ch326

Chapter 326: Ben Jun only lacks you
    Many of the herbs in this medicine field are rare draught ingredients that would require at least ten years to grow.
    But at this time, quite a few batches could already be harvested.
    That’s because every time Muyan plays the Tian Mo Qin, she utilizes the [Luxuriant Growth] skill.
    Then the entire courtyard would go through the four seasons, and all the vegetation would grow madly.
    And as Muyan’s skills get better, the number of seasonal cycles would also increase – at first it was one, then it became two, three, four…
    Di Ming Jue had already known that this woman that he loves isn’t ordinary.
    Neither are the Shen Musicians.
    He could see with his own eyes the turning and passing of spring, summer, autumn, and winter within the courtyard. His pupils slightly contract.
    It would appear that the legendary Shen Musician, his Muyan, is even more exceptional than he ever imagined.
    But also… more dangerous.
    “Not an iota of what’s happening in this courtyard could be known to outsiders.” Di Ming Jue lowers his voice and coldly instructs Han Ye.
    Hastening the growth of living things with only the sound of the zither, even making the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower bloom. If such news were to be released outside, he’s afraid that the sky and the earth of the entire Yanwu Continent would turn upside down.
    No! Not just the Yanwu Continent, even the Xiuzhen Continent would…
    And at that time, he probably wouldn’t be able to keep hiding Muyan’s identity as a Shen Musician.
    Han Ye quickly comes back to himself and gives a prompt bow, saying: “Rest assured, Master. The guards watching the perimeter are all reliable agents, and the rest are not allowed to come near the medicine field. There would absolutely be no one else that would know of Miss Muyan’s peculiarity.”
    The music slowly comes to an end, as Muyan opens her eyes to the Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers’ frighteningly bright glow.
    Normally, she would take several hours a day to play [Luxuriant Growth] until she’s about to collapse, then she would need to use [Echo Recovery] to slowly recuperate.
    But today, as she was playing, the tip of her nose was filled with the fragrance of the Spirit Flower.
    This fragrance seems to have a spiritual nature, as it makes its way straight into her lungs, burrowing into her meridians and Qi Sea.
    All of her tiredness has been drained out and swept away by this fragrance, once again filling her dried-up Internal Force.
    Moreover, Muyan is certain that it’s not just her illusion.
    Her bottleneck really has loosened from being exposed to this scent.
    Although it’s only by a little bit.
    She can’t help but come nearer to the Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers, reaching out to gently touch the pure, sparkling and translucent petals.
    The petals softly quiver under her fingertips, and the fragrance of the flowers becomes stronger and stronger, like they’re responding to her.
    Muyan’s fondness for this flower just grows.
    “Di Ming Jue…” she goes on to face the man that’s standing not far from her, “These Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers, can you give one to me?”
    She has cultivated a total of four flowers.
    Even if Di Ming Jue needs them, he also shouldn’t need as many as four, right?
    Di Ming Jue takes a step closer: “You want the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower?”
    Muyan nods again and again.
    “What would you give in exchange?”
    This point stumps Muyan – after all, she can’t even imagine what Di Ming Jue’s origin is, so he probably wouldn’t pay attention to ordinary draughts or treasures.
    She says with hesitation: “I… can pay with money?”
    “Ben Jun doesn’t lack money.”
    “What don’t you have?” Muyan wrinkles her nose, thinking to herself that no matter what he lacks, she would find a way to help this man go and get it.
    Di Ming Jue slowly bends down, and he whispers into her ear: “Ben Jun only lacks you.”
    Muyan: “…!!” he still can’t talk properly.
   Taking a deep breath, “Jun Shang-daren can really crack a joke.”
    “Ben Jun never jokes.” Di Ming Jue coldly replies.
    Then with a wave of his sleeves, “These flowers are very important to me, so don’t think about it. When it has completely bloomed tomorrow, don’t forget to collect the flowers for Ben Jun.”

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