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Chapter 328: Happily rolling about
    The fresh and clean fragrance that is filling the air is very mild, but it could erase the troubles in people’s hearts, pleasing their spirits.
    This legendary Spiritual Flower is very beautiful indeed.
    But in Ying Mei’s mind, she really thinks that Miss Jun is still better-looking than these flowers.
    Muyan gently touches the petals of the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower, the young and delicate little sprout sways softly, like it’s waving at her.
    She recalls what’s written in that ancient text inside the Space, that petals of the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower will turn a lustrous blue color like the deep sea.
    It would mean that the flowers have really reached maturity.
    She probably doesn’t need to play for eight hours today.
    She would be able to harvest the flowers’ cores soon.
    Just as Muyan is about to summon the Tian Mo Qin, there’s a sudden flash of white, and a chubby rabbit appears by her foot.
    “Hm?” Muyan picks the fat rabbit up by its scruff, and there’s curiosity across her whole face, “Fat rabbit, I thought you’ve already slept yourself to death inside the space? So you were actually still alive?”
    The rabbit blinks at Muyan, its mung bean eyes looking particularly innocent.
    It moves its legs, hinting for Muyan to put it down.
    The rabbit’s eyes are eagerly looking at the direction of the Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers.
    Muyan lets it go, but she narrows her eyes, a dangerous expression inside of them, and says: “If you dare to eat these Spirit Flowers, I will eat stir-fried rabbit meat tonight.”
    The fat rabbit shudders. Raising it’s head up, the expression in it’s eyes becomes increasingly innocent and beseeching.
    It gives a rub, and moves its fat body towards the Spirit Flower’s side.
   Against expectations, it really doesn’t go to touch the Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers. Instead, it lies down on its stomach, at a place that’s extremely close to the petals.
    The rabbit even takes a deep breath like a human would, mung bean eyes revealing a look of pleasure.
    Muyan suspiciously looks at the rabbit for a moment. Upon seeing that it really wouldn’t touch the flowers, she takes out the Tian Mo Qin and begins to play the instrument.
    Ying Mei’s line of sight can’t help but fall on the fat rabbit.
    She slightly wrinkles her brows, revealing a hint of curiosity.
    This rabbit’s outward appearance seems very ordinary, but Ying Mei feels like it has a strange breath in its body, which feels intractable and awe-inspiring.
    The zither starts to play, and the immortal sound rises up in spirals.
    The plants in the courtyard sway in intoxication.
    At the same time, the bewitched fat rabbit is also swaying its head.
    The song reaches its climax, and the fragrance of the Spirit Flowers becomes stronger.
    The fat rabbit excitedly rolls while lying down, almost crushing several herbs to death underneath it.
    No one notices how the originally snow white fur on its body has become shinier and smoother after this song, lustrous like jade.
    A pair of mung bean eyes look at Muyan, stirred up and brimming with excitement.
    It’s really correct in following after the Little Master and the Female Devil.
    Even in such a damnable area like the Yanwu Continent, it could still advance.
    The sound of the zither falls, and Muyan puts the Tian Mo Qin away. She looks at the four Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers, her eyes filled with fascinated surprise.
    The beautiful and exquisitely-detailed petals have now become purer, like blue ice crystals.
    Suffocatingly gorgeous.
    The flower at the center sways softly with the wind, there’s a touch of pale pink, which is the only color on the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower aside from the blue.
    Muyan holds her breath and takes out a jade box, preparing to gather the flowers into the small container.
     Before she could fully reach out her hand however, a shrill, angry shout could be heard from behind her.
    “What are you doing?!!”
    Muyan is stumped, and just as she’s about to get up, she feels a huge force knocking her away.
    The flustered and exasperated voice speaks once again, “Are you crazy? Knowing what this is, you actually dare to casually touch it without thinking!!”
    Ying Mei has swift eyes and quick hand as she helps Muyan, she has an extremely bad expression as she looks at the incoming person.
    Muyan also looks over.
    There’s a small young woman in green clothes, her hair in tied up in two loops.

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  2. Who’s the biťch also doesn’t this mean she saw her zither skills. Also will keep repeating that fm are starting to bother me they don’t put enough effort into cultivating as a mc it’s no wonder they always find a stronger biťch to almost ruin them. Like for example she should know about spiritual energy and know that she can absorb it by now


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