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Chapter 348: The man’s blessing
    But Shi Lanling shoots Rui Zhu a cold look.
    Rui Zhu quivers from head to foot, and she immediately comes up with a response, “Look at me being foolish. It’s only natural that Miss would personally deliver to the Pill that you refined to Di Jun. In this way, Di Jun would be able to know of your feelings!”
    The coldness in Shi Lanling’s eyes recedes.
    The man’s handsome and incomparable countenance appears before her eyes once again, as well as the momentum of a king who looks over all the land under the heaven.
    She recalls how all the higher-ups of the Ghost City were bowing and bending the knee before that man, singing him praises.
    And from that man’s expression to his movements – they all have a certain indifference, the manner of one who is set up on high.
    Like this worship is as it should be by rights.
    By nature, this is a noble and matchless man who stands high above.
    Shi Lanling only got a quick look at the man, and she’s already deeply captivated by him.
    As a result, when she learned that the man is in the Ghost City to find someone to refine the Nine-Holed Golden Dan,
    Shi Lanling, who had always been distant and proud, refusing to lower herself into accepting a task… immediately agreed to make a deal with Di Ming Jue, without any further ado.
    At that time, Han Ye made the details of the transaction very clear.
    For his part, Di Ming Jue will provide the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower, as well as a lot of resources that would be extremely beneficial for Shi Lanling.
    And the only thing that Shi Lanling has to do is to use the Dark Clouds Spirit Flowers to refine at least one Nine-Holed Golden Dan.
    But this kind of act had automatically been translated in Shi Lanling’s eyes:
    That Di Ming Jue treated her in a special way, giving her Spirit Flowers and resources, all because he has affections for her.
    And she would also, surely capture this man.
    “Miss, you’re really awesome, not only in alchemy, but also in your culinary skills. Moreover, these medicinal food are not only delicious, they’re also extremely beneficial to the human body.”
    Rui Zhu watches as Shi Lanling puts into the food box the delicious food that the latter had personally prepared. Rui Zhu immediately spares no pains nor effort to praise her to death.
    “In the future, it would truly be a blessing as big as the sky for whichever man that marries you, Miss!”
   Shi Lanling shoots her a glance, “Talking too much.”
   Rui Zhu giggles and says: “In all honesty, everything I say is true. In the whole Yanwu Continent, which woman could compare with you? This servant used to think that in this world, no man is worthy of you, Miss.”
    “But fortunately, Di Jun appeared. This servant has a stupid mouth that doesn’t know what to say? But Miss, you standing together with Di Jun would truly be the picture of an ideal couple, a match made in heaven. Under the sun, only Di Jun could be worthy of Miss!”
    Originally, the most capable maid by Shi Lanling’s side was Qing-er.
    Even though Rui Zhu wanted the seat of the one fawning over Shi Lanling, it was hard to find the chance to do so.
    After much difficulty, Qing-er had now been sent to Wan Ren Ku, and Rui Zhu is losing her mind from happiness.
   Now, she could be more aggressive in flattering Shi Lanling, hoping that she’ll become the latter’s confidant.
    “Halt! This is a restricted area in the Ghost City, no one is allowed to enter without Di Jun’s command!”
    Outside the courtyard, two men dressed in Ghost City’s garbs step forward, blocking the way for Shi Lanling and Rui Zhu.
    This is the residence where Di Ming Jue and Muyan currently reside.
    On the plaque above the entrance are the characters “Di Yuan” written in an official script.
    “Audacious! Blind dog eyes!” Rui Zhu immediately steps forward, arrogant and bossy as she curses the two guards, “Can’t you see clearly, just what is the background of my lady? Actually daring to obstruct Miss’s path, I see that you two no longer want to mingle in the Ghost City in the future!”
    Hearing what’s been said, the guards are stumped for words, and they turn to look at Shi Lanling.
    After they get a clear look of her face, they immediately show stunned expressions, “Shi… Shi Xianzi?”
    Shi Lanling, Shi Xianzi.

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  1. Thank you for the translation! I binge read this story upto here. What is the update schedule?


  2. How boring, I hope he slaps her or something she dares to turn up and also present that trash of a pill


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