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Chapter 350: Special Guest
    This makes the yelling Rui Zhu angry.
    After she and Shi Lanling went into the Di Yuan, they discovered that the residence is very big, and it’s divided into two – the inner and outer courtyards.
    Although the guard pointed them to a direction, they still lost their way within it.
    Unfortunately, this inner courtyard is absolutely empty, without even a ghost or a shadow (the black-clothed guards are all keeping watch in the dark).
    After a lot of trouble, they finally saw Muyan and Ying Mei, so Rui Zhu naturally called out to them immediately.
    Who would’ve expected that an insignificant pair of servants would go as far as to completely disregard her and her Miss.
    Rui Zhu dashes several steps to get in front of Muyan and Ying Mei, angrily admonishing: “Are you people deaf? My lady called for you to stop, don’t tell me you didn’t hear that?”
    Muyan quirks up a brow: “You were calling for us?”
    Rui Zhu comes face-to-face with Muyan, and she jumps in surprise, unable to even say anything for a while.
    That’s because this girl before her eyes is really too beautiful.
    Especially that fair skin that’s as exquisite as snow, and that pair of unsmiling yet charming peach blossom eyes – all of which make a beauty that renders people incapable of shifting their eyes away.
    That appearance is even much better than her Miss’.
    Who is this person? Why is she in the Di Yuan?
    Muyan sees that the other isn’t answering, so she takes a step to leave.
    Only then does Rui Zhu comes to herself and reacts, promptly screaming: “You two are servants in this courtyard, right? Quick, take my lady to see Di Jun.”
    Muyan is wearing simple and neat clothes today, and Ying Mei is even dressed like a common guard.
    So at first glance, Rui Zhu just identifies them as a maid and a guard.
    As she’s talking, Shi Lanling has also made her way over.
    The clothes on her body seem like plain-colored skirt and short coat.
    But the material the clothes are made of, as well as the accessories on her body… which one isn’t worth thousands of gold.
    When she moves, her sleeves and skirt flutter about, making her look like an elegant and ethereal immortal.
    Normally, whenever Shi Lanling appears in the Ghost City, everyone present would be toppled over by her graceful bearing, be it men or women.
    Some people would even lower their heads to pay respect to her.
    But today, Shi Lanling slowly comes over, still floating about with an immortal air, ethereal like a green lotus-
    Only to be met with Muyan and Ying Mei’s indifferent gazes.
    Muyan turns to Ying Mei: “Do you know them?”
    Ying Mei shakes her head, “I don’t. Probably performers* that Han Ye invited to come or something. Miss Jun, let’s not tarry here any longer. Jun Shang is waiting for you.”
  • actors/musicians are usually euphemisms for prostitutes. Though a performer isn’t automatically one, the association is common enough for a stigma to exist.
   Saying that, they don’t spare Shi Lanling or Rui Zhu another glance, simply starting to walk away.
    Performers… performers… performers!!
    It’s as if Shi Lanling’s entire person has been struck by lightning, simply unable to believe her own ears.
    Thinking that she, Shi Lanling, is always sought after by all the people wherever she goes.
    This two people actually… actually dare to treat her as a performer?!
    Rui Zhu’s entire face twists in anger.
    “You… what nonsense are you talking about? You pair of lowly servants, don’t you know just who my lady is?!”
    Ying Mei looks at them coldly.
    Unsheathing the sword in her hand, a murderous spirit permeates the whole place, “If you two aren’t performers invited over by Han Ye, why were you able to enter?”
    “Could it be that you don’t know: outsiders that casually enter this Di Yuan will be killed, without exception?”
    The ice-cold aura of death, as well as the formidable pressure, is making Rui Zhu’s complexion change. She staggers back for several steps.
    It’s with much difficulty that she steadies her footing.
    Her already unsightly complexion turns even more sinister, “What are you, aren’t you just a pair of servants in the Di Yuan? You actually dare to run your mouth against my lady.”
    “My Miss is a special guest that had been specially invited by Di Jun to come over from the Ghost City. You people being so rude, be careful when Di Jun knows of this and have you bear the consequences!”

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  1. I want to see what other stupid things Ru Zhu wants to say that will seal her fate.

    Shi Lanling really have stupid and arrogant maids. One has been punish and now another seeks punishment too. I guess both of them must really take after their master.


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