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Chapter 359: Bah! It’s definitely not a rabbit!
    Rui Zhu looks up to see a fat, snow-white rabbit doing a somersault in the air, then dropping to the ground.
    On it’s fluffy face, there’s a pair of tiny mung bean eyes that are coldly watching Shi Lanling.
    It’s clearly just a small, non-threatening animal… but to be stared at by such eyes, there’s an indescribable feeling that could make one’s hair stand on end.
    “Shi Xianzi, what happened?”
    The commotion at this side has attracted the guards stationed at the Di Yuan’s entrance.
    Seeing the wound on Shi Lanling’s face, the leader lets out a cry of surprise, “Shi Xianzi, your face!”
    He could see that Shi Lanling’s white left cheek has been scratched, and left with three gashes.
    Although these three wounds aren’t deep, but they’re dripping with blood – from her temples, down to the edge of her lips.
    It makes Shi Lanling’s originally refined and elegant face become somewhat sinister.
    Shi Lanling takes a deep breath, and slowly steadies her emotions.
    She points to the fat rabbit and says: “Catch that beast for me!”
    The guards stare blankly.
    Then they hear Rui Zhu shout from the sidelines: “That’s the animal that scratched my lady’s face. What are you people still dawdling for, hurry up and catch it!”
    This time, the guards no longer hesitate, and directly pounce over to the fat rabbit.
    They’re completely unaware of what happened in the Di Yuan’s inner courtyard.
    They still think that Shi Lanling really is a special guest that Di Jun cares about.
    Now that Shi Xianzi has been harmed near the entrance of Di Yuan, they wouldn’t be able to handle it if Di Jun blames them for not helping.
    The fat rabbit sees about a dozen fiendish men charging over.
    It makes a prompt decision, turning it’s butt around, and jumps.
    Its fat body draws a smooth arc in the air, and ultimately falls into a very small embrace.
    Within those small arms, it turns its head.
    The fat rabbit contemptuously looks at all the people rushing over–
    It’s now a rabbit that has the Little Master’s support! These people want to bully the rabbit? No way!
    A bah! It’s definitely not a rabbit!
    The fat rabbit dismissively turns back and rolls its eyes. It must have followed the female devil for too long.
    It almost forgot that it’s real body isn’t some stupid rabbit, but a…
    The guards didn’t expect that, after working together to catch a rabbit, they would still turn up empty-handed.
    Their gazes simultaneously turn to the direction of where the rabbit has jumped to.
    Soon after, each and every one of them stop to stare blankly.
    They see that the one holding the rabbit is a small boy, only about four or five years old.
    It’s just that this small boy is really too beautiful.
    Like a sprite that has fallen into the mortal realm, making people wish they could send all the best treasures of the world before him.
    But when the guards meet the little boy’s eyes, they inexplicably shudder.
    Ice-blue irises, like solid frost, indifferent as they look over in a sideways glance.
    Clearly so young, but he makes people want to serve him.
    The one standing the closest even has a strange, terrified feeling – like Jun Shang is watching him.
    “Li… Little Gongzi, please give us the rabbit in your hands.”
    With great difficulty, the guards gradually come back to their senses. One of them speaks, still somewhat trembling with fear, “This rabbit has injured my Di Yuan’s precious guest. We need to give justice to this noble guest.”
    Xiao Bao lifts his eyes to the speaking guard, then turns his sight to fall on Shi Lanling’s face.
    The three wounds from the fat rabbit’s scratch are very obvious, and bloody.
    The rabbit also follows to look, and sees its masterpiece. It’s very pleased.
    Wagging its stubby tail, its small mung bean eyes are sparkling.
    Humph, humph. Rabbit smelled it. That woman has the same despicable scent, like that other bad woman who destroyed the Dark Clouds Spirit Flower.
    Those two are definitely from the same flock.

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