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Chapter 382: Damaged Brain
    Is something wrong with this girl’s brain, that she actually… actually dares to be so disrespectful to their Wangye?
    Doesn’t she know that Jin Wangye is notoriously temperamental, his hand ruthless and pitiless?
    Jin Wangye’s handsome face twists for an instant.
    Then a man promptly comes up from behind him, angrily saying: “Audacious, this is Jin Wangye of Huang Yao, how could you be so impudent?!”
    “So you are Jin Wangye?”
    Muyan raises her brows, “That is to say, you are the one who captured my apprentice, and threatened me to come over?”
    The girl’s voice rings like a silver bell, clear as jade, as ice crystals.
    People could have their hearts stolen just by listening to it.
    Jin Wangye once again reveals a smile that he believes to be gentle and refined, “Ben Wang has invited Muyan to come here because I admire you, and wish to build a home with you. How can you say that it’s a threat?”
    “Build a home?” Muyan sneers, “building a home, while making me a side concubine?”
    Jing Wangye’s face immediately reveals deep emotion as he takes a step forward, wanting to bring Muyan in his arms.
    “To tell you the truth, since the moment Ben Wang laid eyes on Muyan, I have been captivated, and have constantly kept you in mind. In Ben Wang’s eyes, the other painted women are no longer pleasing to look at.”
    “Marrying you as a side concubine, it was merely my steward acting on his presumptions, the sun and moon can testify about Ben Wang’s love for Muyan.”
    “For you, Ben Wang has dismissed all the women in Jin Wangfu. Our wedding ceremony is arranged to be held seven days from now. At that time, you would be officially wed to Ben Wang as Wangfei!”
    “Once you and I are married, Ben Wang will take you to the palace to meet my Emperor brother. Even though you only came from the lowest-ranked, small country of Chi Yan, as long as you reveal your abilities in medicine and refining, I believe that Huang Yao would be willing to recognize your identity as Jin Wangfei.”
    As far as a lowly commoner woman from Chi Yan is concerned,
    If she turns into a Wangfei that is recognized by the Emperor of Huang Yao, that would be a special glory that is tantamount to reaching heaven in a single bound.
    At the time that he’s declaring this, Jin Wangye has complete confidence that Muyan would be moved to tears.
    With a pleasantly surprised face, she would throw herself into his embrace, and be softened enough to wrap around his fingers*.
  • Background: making hard metal pliable enough to be made into a ring.
    His eyes are set up on high, like he’s giving charity – believing that he’s bestowing a grace as big as the sky to Muyan.
    But Muyan can only puff out a laugh.
    The girl’s smiling face is bright and beautiful like a flower.
    However, the ridicule and disdain within this smile is making Jin Wangye’s face twist once again.
    And Muyan’s next sentence further makes his expression have a flash of malevolence.
    “The sky still hasn’t gone dark, has it? Wangye has started dreaming already?”
    There’s a cold glint in Muyan’s eyes as she laughs grimly: “If your brain isn’t well, your distinguished self better go back and take more medicine to make up for it, so as to avoid letting the great Wangye make a disgrace out of himself.”
    The expression in Jin Wangye’s eyes is terrifyingly cold and harsh.
    His figure suddenly disappears, and powerful Internal Force rush out.
    Jin Wangfu’s guards, as well as that peak Heaven Stage man who had brought Muyan over, all their complexions turn deathly pale from fright.
    In a flash, he has already appeared in front of Muyan, his hand reaching over to grab her neck.
    However, just when everyone thinks that Muyan would fall like jade and wither like a flower under Jin Wangye’s hand-
    Jin Wangye’s figure suddenly stops moving.
   They only see that Muyan has lifted up a slender lily-white hand, and there’s a silver needle gleaming between her delicate fingers.
    There’s a faintly discernible pale-blue glow at the tip of this needle.
    The corners of Muyan’s mouth faintly curl up, and like chatting about mundane trifles, she carelessly speaks,  “Jin Wangye has just said that I’m a refiner. Why don’t you take a guess, what is this substance on my silver needle?”
    Jin Wangye’s body is completely rigid.

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  1. Jin Wangye asked to be put in his place. I cannot wait to see if he dies at her hands or that husband of hers.


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