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Chapter 384: Eliminate her son
    Hearing these words, Jin Wangye’s complexion finally looks a little better.
    The fan in his hand unfolds, and he lightly waves it, “Of course, Ben Wang already knows that she has a child. However, Jun Muyan, this woman is quite remarkable. Just with her abilities in refining draughts, as well as her skills in medicine – Ben Wang knows that there are great advantages if I can bind her to my side.”
    Not to mention that this woman has a face that could cause the downfall of a state.
    A waist that couldn’t take up his entire grasp, the curves of her perfect figure – remembering them is making his lower abdomen tighten a little, and he can’t wait to try out the flavor of ecstasy in flesh.
    The middle-aged man also nods, laughing in a sinister way, “Therefore, this subordinate thinks that Miss Jun didn’t agree to marry Wangye – first, because she thinks that she’s no longer pure, and unworthy of Wangye; and second, it should be because of her son.”
    “This subordinate believes that as long as we eliminate her son, and cut off all of Miss Jun’s reservations, then Miss Jun would certainly be most willing to marry Wangye. When that time comes, maybe she can even give birth to a gifted and intelligent Little Master for Wangye!”
    Hearing the phrase ‘eliminate her son’, Jin Wangye scrunches his nose.
    A cruel and resentful light flares within his eyes.
    That’s right, because of Jun Muyan’s peculiarity, he can ignore the fact that this woman already has a child.
    But remembering that this girl had once been held by another man, he still feels displeasure and hatred in his heart.
    Especially that son of hers.
    Whenever he sees it, he remembers the fact that this woman had once belonged to another man.
    If he can seize an opportunity to get rid of it, and be able to cut off all of Jun Muyan’s retreats, that truly can’t be better.
    Jin Wangye looks over to the side, and unhurriedly says: “This matter is handed over to you, go and handle it.”
    “Please rest assured, Wangye!” the middle-aged man shows a self-confident smile, “It’s only an insignificant child – if I couldn’t handle it, then this subordinate wouldn’t have the face to appear before Wangye.”
    “In seven days, this subordinate will surely rush back to take part in the wedding ceremony between Wangye and the new Wangfei!”
    Very late at night, it is windy and moonless, the entire Jin Wangfu is submerged in silence.
    But Muyan has a leisurely expression as she sits in the darkness, pouring herself a cup of tea from time to time.
    Not far from her, the several Jin Wangfu servants and guards that have been specially sent to look over her are sleeping like dead pigs, snoring.
    All of a sudden, the door makes a slight creaking sound.
    The silvery moonlight spills in from the window, accompanied by a tall, white-clothed silhouette.
    Muyan can’t help but curl up the corners of her mouth, “I trust that you have been well since we last met, Bai Yichen.”
    Bai Yichen stops in his movements, then he softly closes the door.
    “Why are you fixing your attention on Jin Wangye?”
    “Why are you here?”
    The two people blurt out almost simultaneously.
    Bai Yichen’s cold eyes are slightly stained by a trace of warmth, and he quietly walks over to take a seat across Muyan.
    In the dark, he stares at Muyan’s face, his eyes are very focused.
    But this gaze seems to pass through Muyan, and look towards the distant past.
    “Long time no see, Muyan.”
    Ever since he had collected and interred Lin Sitong’s bones from the Fog Forest, he had made up his mind and began walking through this road.
    He almost forgot the life he once had, and the happiness he once held.
    Now, as he sees Muyan, he suddenly remembers it – that last tranquility.
    “I once did a favor for Jin Wangye in one of my travels.” after a long time, Bai Yichen slowly says, “At that time, Jin Wangye wanted to recruit me, but I refused.”

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