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Chapter 392: Ambush
    Everyone from the Junji Medical Center and Di Yuan are dispatched.
    The entire Tianyuan City is almost turned upside down.
    But unfortunately, they still couldn’t find even a trace of Muyan.
    The color of the sky gradually sinks into darkness, until it’s pitch-black.
    Han Ye and Ying Mei have their faces filled with regret, hating that they couldn’t slap themselves to death.
    And the chill around Di Ming Jue’s body could make the two of them numb from horror.
    If they couldn’t locate her, they’re afraid that Jun Shang would completely release his Divine Sense.
    And when that moment comes, the entire Yanwu Continent wouldn’t be able to support the power that is beyond its limits – because of it, heaven will fall and the earth will rend.
    At the present, Jun Shang can restrain himself, only because he would be able to sense it if the target of his oath is facing mortal danger.
    Just as Han Ye and Ying Mei are on their knees and begging for forgiveness,
    All of a sudden, a powerful breath of Mysterious Energy heaves from the north-eastern side of Tianyuan City.
    Along with it, there seems to be the sound of a building collapsing.
    It’s in the direction of Tianyuan City’s Shen Family.
    Because they can’t find Muyan anywhere, Shen Jinglin and Xiao Bao brought out people from the Shen Household.
    “This is bad – the Little Gongzi!” Han Ye and Ying Mei suddenly jolt up, and they go towards the direction of the source of the energy fluctuations.
    Before they could move, Di Ming Jue’s figure has already disappeared like lightning.
    “Little Master, look out–!!” Feng Haitang screams, the whole person throws herself on the way, unwavering as she covers Xiao Bao with her back.
    As it’s happening, a terrible Internal Force attack is about to fall on her.
    There’s a sudden flash of a silhouette, and a man’s broad from is blocking for her.
    ‘Boom!’ a loud noise, the man receives that powerful attack, and he immediately spurts out a mouthful of blood.
    Feng Haitang looks back to see the figure slowly toppling over, and the rims of her eyes go red.
    “Haotian! Haotian! Are you okay?”
    In her embrace, Yan Haotian slowly opens his eyes, and as he sees her tears falling, he can’t help but reach out his hand to gently wipe them off her face.
    “Hehe, I didn’t expect that a small medical center would even have such talented individuals hiding within it.”
    “Moreover, I never expected that a four-year-old child would actually have such formidable strength. She’s really worthy of being the woman that Wangye has set his sights on! This kind of bloodline, if she gives birth to Wangye’s son, I’m afraid that his talent would be even more unimaginable.”
    “Fortunately, I never underestimate even a small child. I’ve also brought enough manpower this time. Otherwise, it’s really possible that the ship will capsize in the canal*.”
  • stumbling on a supposedly sure route
    A little ways away, there’s a slightly fat middle-aged man. He’s occupying the higher ground as he looks at the several people ahead. There’s apprehension on his face, but also an excited glow.
    This man is the most capable confidant that Jin Wangye keeps on hand, the leader of the strike force, his cultivation at the peak of Heaven Stage – Zhu Hai.
    Still more, there are quite a few men in black clothes standing on his side.
    Each one of them has a cultivation of Heaven Stage.
    In this group, half of them are even at the level of mid-Heaven Stage or higher.
    In other words, half the people on their side have higher cultivations than Xiao Bao.
    In the middle of these killers, there’s everyone from Ink Camp – surrounded, beaten and coughing blood, practically crawling and unable to get up.
    If not for the Ink Camp having each of its members prepared with a life-saving draught from Muyan-
    Perhaps there would now be several corpses here.
    Xiao Bao’s little face is serious, as he quickly takes out a draught and pours it into Yan Haotian’s mouth.
    Yan Haotian’s vitality, that was initially fading away, slowly starts coming back in that instant.
    Seeing this scene, Zhu Hai’s eyes grow even hotter.
    “In this world, there’s actually such a miraculous life-saving draught, haha… in the future, if these draughts all belong to Wangye, there’s no need to worry about any major event!”
    How could they obtain an unending stream of this special draught?
    Naturally, it’s by making the God-level apothecary Jun Muyan into Wangye’s woman!

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