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Chapter 395: Dad will protect you
    The man’s cool breath hits him in the face, the scent entering his nose.
    Xiao Bao shakes a little. Those eyes that have been blood red for quite a while, slowly reverts to ice blue.
    Then he hears a man’s deep and low voice, there’s a rare gentleness in it.
    “Don’t be afraid, I won’t allow them to hurt you.”
    Xiao Bao dazedly stares at the man in front of him. His gaze focuses a little, until Di Ming Jue’s handsome and matchless countenance is finally reflected through his eyes.
    His irises have already reverted to ice-blue, but the rims of his eyes slightly redden.
    He could no longer hold his tears back, as they fall pitter-pattering down.
    “Don’t cry! How can a big man shed tears?”
    Di Ming Jue knits his brows. There’s disdain in his tone, but his movements are gentle, as he himself wipes the tears off of Xiao Bao’s face.
    With both arms, Xiao Bao hugs his neck, burying his small head at the crook of the other’s neck.
    His little form is slightly trembling.
    Scalding tears fall along the skin of Di Ming Jue’s neckline, and distress burns in his heart.
    It’s really quite strange.
    Undoubtedly, the former Di Ming Jue had been unfeeling. He had never been moved by anyone’s happiness, anger, sorrow, or joy.
    But when he’s facing Muyan, when he’s facing this little guy – he can’t help himself from doting and spoiling them in his heart.
    Even if the little guy is Muyan’s son with ‘ex-husband’, whom he hates.
    Di Ming Jue lightly but clumsily pats Xiao Bao’s back to console him, and there’s a rare softness in his voice, “All right, don’t cry. These people bullying you, Dad will never let them off easily.”
    Xiao Bao raises his tear-stained little face, speaking through sobs: “But, Ink Camp… Un…uncle, they all received very serious injuries, because… all because of Xiao Bao!”
    “Little Master, we’re fine!” Feng Haitang’s somewhat weak voice reaches his ears, “We have a lot of draughts left by Miss, we won’t die.”
    “Cough, cough… that’s right! Even if these injuries had been worse, so long as Miss returns and treats us, we can immediately jump up on our feet. Maybe we’ll even profit from this disaster!”
    Guan Hu, the Ink Camp leader that came with Xiao Bao this time, says with a snicker.
    The rest of them also wipe off the blood from the corners of their mouths, indicating that this is nothing to them.
    Even Han Ye and Ying Mei can’t help but sigh at the miraculous effects of the draughts that Miss Muyan refined.
    The injuries that they received are actually very serious.
    Even in the Xiuzhen Continent, they could probably die from those.
    What’s more, it’s in the Yanwu Continent where there’s no Spiritual Power that could make the body regenerate by itself.
    However, drinking the draughts the Muyan prepared for them actually, really preserved their lives.
    Although the condition of those injuries are still quite serious,
    But just as they said, once Muyan returns and uses the zither to treat them, they can recover in any case.
    Everyone in the Ink Camp is alive and well.
    Uncle Shen Jinglin unsteadily limps over, and tenderly strokes his face.
    Xiao Bao’s tensed body slowly relaxes.
    As for those black-clothed men, they’ve already been dealt with by Han Ye and Ying Mei.
    Each and every one have broken legs, if not broken hands. Their intestines are spilling out of their bellies, the bones in their entire body has shattered into small pieces, but they’re unable to die for the time being. Nevertheless, this is a hundred thousand times more painful than death.
    Ying Mei, in particular.
    She’s regretting that she didn’t guard Miss Jun well enough, that the latter has gone missing.
    Right now, even her Little Master, Miss Jun’s only kin, had almost been slaughtered.
    This causes her ruthlessness and cruelty to suddenly rise dramatically.
    She vents all her anger on these black-clad man.
    At the moment, the only one who’s still relatively intact is just Zhu Hai, who has been firmly set in the air by Di Ming Jue.

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  1. 😭This is the most touching chapter yet.😭 I cried even on rereading it. And the father-son bonding is so sweet.😍😊 Thanks for the chapter.💖

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