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Chapter 400: That immortal soul from back then
    A person’s figure flies out of the cave mouth that had been blasted open, falling in front of everyone.
    The Heavenly Road Sect people are surprised at first, then they get a clear look at the appearance of the person who has just arrived. They immediately reveal expressions of fear and reverence.
    “Greetings to the Great Ancestor!” they all go down on their knees.
     One of them couldn’t help but ask: “Great Ancestor, didn’t you say you’re going to have a Closed Door Death Cultivation*? Why have you suddenly emerged?”
  • when you’re too old that you’re probably gonna die in a Closed Door Cultivation – training and burial place in one.
    The speaker is the current Head of the Heavenly Road Sect.
    In the Yanwu Continent, one can say that he’s a person of towering power, a stomp of his feet could cause three great tremors on the earth.
    But he is reverent and deferential as he facing this man with white hair and beard, to the old man with middle-aged features. The Head doesn’t dare to show the least bit of disrespect.
    The old man doesn’t pay them any attention. Instead, he raises his head to look at the nine stars and the moon in the night sky.
    A pair of somewhat abstruse and cloudy eyes begin to redden a little. They burn with an avaricious and excited desire.
    Even the originally steady breathing also turn rough and heavy because of excitement.
    “This power… this kind of power could help me break through the shackles!!”
    “I don’t know what power this is, but so long as I use it, it would certainly let me pass through the thunder tribulations and ascend to the world of Xiuzhen… hahaha, the heavens have truly not forsaken me! The heavens have not forsaken me!”
    The old man mutters to himself. His voice is so low, anyone listening couldn’t hear it clearly.
    But his chaotic breathing and excited tone of voice have aroused the curiosity of everyone from the Heavenly Road Sect.
    Just what is so strange about this Heavenly Vision that the Great Ancestor, who had never shown anger or happiness on his face, would be stirred up so much?
    “I hereby order everyone in the Heavenly Road Sect!”
    They all immediately bow their heads to accept, “Please say your order, Great Ancestor. From top to bottom, the Heavenly Road Sect wouldn’t dare refuse!”
    “Effective immediately, you must find the source that caused this vision, do it at any cost!”
    “Be it a person, a beast, or an object – this special treasure must absolutely fall into the grasp of my Heavenly Road Sect!”
    Everyone stares blankly at first, then they promptly respond: “As you bid, Great Ancestor!”
    “Based on the direction where this Vision has risen from, it seems to be at the border between the countries of Huang Yao and Chi Yan. We shall scatter our manpower at once, and scout ahead!”
    Jing Cheng Country, Imperial Palace.
    “What… what is this?”
    Gong Qianxue hasn’t even put on her clothes properly, as she hurriedly runs out of the palace to watch the moon and the stars growing bigger and brighter in the sky. She lets out a cry of surprise.
    A person’s breath quickly approaches her side.
    Gong Qianxue knows that it is naturally her senior brother, Jian Feng.
    Yanwu Continent’s best alchemist, the genius and treasure of the Heavenly Road Sect.
    “Senior brother, what is this?”
    Gong Qianxue is aware that Jian Feng’s background is very mysterious. He is far more knowledgeable than the people of the Yanwu Continent.
    Jian Feng’s status in the Heavenly Road Sect is even higher than that of the Head.
    But so what if he’s mysterious and powerful?
    For her, he’s just a loyal dog that has been befuddled by her charm.
    Sensing Jian Feng casting an adoring gaze over to her, the feeling of pride and complacency flits across Gong Qianxue’s mind.
    But her face shows an expression of adoration and complete trust.
    As soon as Jian Feng sees the Vision, his eyes fill up with astonishment.
    Hearing Gong Qianxue’s question, he slightly knits his brows, “The Nine Luminaries and the Moon. I have only ever heard of such a Vision, but I haven’t seen it before. However, I can feel that this power is very formidable, and also very special…”
    Jian Feng slowly turns his head to look at Gong Qianxue, his eyes are brimming with passion and enthusiasm, “Junior sister, do you still remember that fetus with an immortal soul, the one that you wanted to obtain back then?”
    At that time, Gong Qianxue unexpectedly said that she had found a fetus with an immortal soul, and she asked him to help her refine it.

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