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Chapter 404: A big wedding tomorrow
    “Master–!” Lou Beiyu dashes to her, and stands guard at Muyan’s bedside. He ferociously glares at Jin Wangye.
    Jin Wangye wipes off the blood from his mouth, and he unhurriedly gets up.
    His line of sight shifts, falling on Lou Beiyu and Bai Yichen.
    “Hmm, Lou Beiyu, how were you able to escape from the dungeon?”
    “Yichen, why would you be here?”
    Lou Beiyu turns red in the face, and he firmly stands guard in front of Muyan. He doesn’t say a word.
    Nevertheless, Bai Yichen gives a humble bow and says: “Reporting to Wangye. During the night, this subordinate found Lou Beiyu’s tracks and followed it to this place. However, there’s a sudden Vision, and before I had the time to handle the matter, Wangye has already come over.”
    Jin Wang slightly narrows his eyes, “Is that so?”
    From his tone of voice, you wouldn’t be able to tell whether he believes it or not.
    At his side, Bai Yichen’s hand turns into a clenched fist, “This subordinate will take Lou Beiyu back to the dungeons at once.”
    “That’s no longer necessary.”
     Jin Wang reveals a meaningful smile, “Tomorrow is Ben Wang’s big wedding day, and he is the apprentice of Ben Wang’s new Wangfei. Naturally, he’s going to stay and attend the ceremony.”
    Bai Yichen suddenly widens his eyes, almost unable to control his expressions.
    Lou Beiyu is more vocal, shouting: “Your big head is dreaming of spring and autumn, my Master will never marry you. You’re just a toad, but you still think that you’re worthy of my Master! Pah!!”
    The expression in Jin Wang’s eyes is severe, but he doesn’t get angry. He laughs grimly instead: “When tomorrow comes, Muyan will be Ben Wang’s woman, happily held in Ben Wang’s bed. Then you will know whether or not Ben Wang is dreaming!”
    After he says that, he turns around and leaves.
    As he arrives at the doorway, he abruptly stops in his steps, “Yichen, why are still staying in this room for? Don’t tell me you’re acquainted with Muyan?”
    Bai Yichen’s hand tightens on the sword, but he still walks out in the end.
    The door closes with a thump, and the window closes as well.
    Lou Beiyu promptly dashes to the over, wanting to open the door. However, he discovers that it’s tightly shut.
    Even if he exhausts all of his Mysterious Energy, he wouldn’t be able to open it.
    Lou Beiyu anxiously turns around, and he sees Muyan still sleeping on the bed, the silvery glow on her body has already receded.
    He firmly clenches both his hands into fists.
    He… he’ll definitely protect his Master, even if he dies!
    Outside the room, Jin Wang looks at the trusted subordinates around him, coldly saying: “You’re not allowed mention the things you’ve seen today to anyone. Otherwise, it’s a death sentence. Do I make myself clear?”
    “Yes, Wangye!”
    Only then does Jin Wangye’s sight falls on Bai Yichen.
    Bai Yichen speaks with a calm voice: “This subordinate would absolutely not make irresponsible remarks to others.”
    “Yichen, I naturally believe in your trustworthiness.” Jin Wang says with a smile, “Well then, Ben Wang wants you to go and do something for me. Send a letter to the Imperial Palace, deliver it to my Emperor brother, inviting him to come and take part in Ben Wang’s wedding ceremony.”
    “Me?” Bai Yichen shows an astonished expression.
    He has never entered the Imperial Palace of Huang Yao before.
    Moreover, he really doesn’t want to leave Jin Wangfu right now.
   Otherwise, what about Muyan?
    Jin Wang smiles even deeper, “Naturally. In this Wangfu, I trust you the most, Yichen. Going to the Palace to deliver a letter is such an important matter. Of course, I can only hand it over for you to handle. Don’t worry, as long as you rush back before noon, you’d definitely still have the time to take part in the wedding between Ben Wang and Muyan.”
    Bai Yichen tightly knits his brows, and he doesn’t reply.
    Jing Wang’s complexion sinks, and he murmurs: “Or do you mean to say that you’ve lied to Ben Wang just now?”
    “Appearing in Muyan’s chambers, is it because you have an affair with her? Haha, in that case, Ben Wang wouldn’t mind making Muyan into my woman right now.”

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