EMHS – ch416

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Chapter 416: Precelestial–
    Jin Wang lifts a foot and kicks him, sneering as he says: “Since you’re a waste, what’s the use of saving you?”
    “Bai Yichen, Ben Wang truly admires your talent, so I’m giving you another chance. As long as you step aside and give Muyan to me, Ben Wang can naturally spare your and Lou Beiyu’s lives. What do you think?”
    Bai Yichen’s entire body is soaked in blood, but his face is whiter than paper.
    His body sways, until he could no longer support himself. He sinks down to one knee.
    He thrusts the long sword on the floor, and it supports his tottering form. However, it seems like he would collapse at any moment.
    “I said,” He slowly speaks with a hoarse voice, “If you want to touch Muyan, you have to step over my dead body…”
    Before he could finish what he’s saying, everyone just perceives a red light flash before their eyes.
    Jin Wang’s figure has already disappeared from its original spot.
    Immediately after, a hand clasps Bai Yichen’s neck, directly lifting him up from the ground.
    Crack, crack–! Terrible sounds echo out.
    The bones on Bai Yichen’s throat are being crushed.
    Jin Wang releases his body’s pressure and murderous intent without the least bit of reservation.
    Bang! Out of fright, someone tumbles from his seat and falls down to the floor.
    Others are deathly pale, there’s the expressions shock and horror across their faces.
    Jin Wangye, who seems like an amorous playboy, ignorant and incompetent – to everyone’s surprise, he possess a Precelestial Cultivation?!!
    Even Qing Feng has his pupils contract.
    He himself had never expected that his Uncle Jinting has already attained such a high level of cultivation.
    When he goes back, it seems like he should report this to his Master.
    “Since your mouth is unable so say anything good, then it would be better for you to never speak speak again.”
    There’s a cruel smile on Jin Wang’s face, “Since your body’s cultivation cannot be used for Ben Wang, then there’s also no need to keep it.”
    Powerful Internal Force blasts through Bai Yichen’s injured abdomen.
    Bai Yichen immediately spurts out a mouthful of blood, and all the Mysterious Energy his entire body disperses.
    Jin Wang flings his hand, directly throwing Bai Yichen away like a worn-out sack.
    After that, he takes out a handkerchief and uses it to slowly wipe off the blood on his fingers.
    His malicious gaze sweeps through everyone in attendance, “Have you all gotten a clear look? This is the outcome of going against Ben Wang.”
    He had previously been pretending, because he wasn’t strong enough.
    He had no choice but to deliberately show weakness, so as not to arouse apprehension from the Emperor of Huang Yao.
    But now, he has Jun Muyan. With those godly draughts, no one in the world would be his opponent.
     Thus, Jin Wang’s true colors are revealed – sinister, vicious, and obsessively ambitious.
    “Aaah–!” Lou Beiyu frantically pounces over, then be bites Jin Wang’s calf, hindering the latter from moving forward.
    But Jin Wang kicks him, directly stamping down to break his leg bones.
    At this point, there’s nobody else who can hinder him from planting the Wuqi seed on Muyan.
    Perhaps, one could say that there’s no longer anyone who would dare to get in his way.
    Jin Wang forces out blood from his fingertips, slowly placing it on Muyan’s mouth.
    As long as she takes this blood, then in the future, Muyan will turn into his slave and puppet. She will be at his mercy.
    The blood draws closer and closer, until it stains Muyan’s light pink lips.
    In a moment, it will seep into through her lips and teeth.
    All of a sudden, a dazzling gold-tinted white light emanates from Muyan’s body.
    A formidable energy seems to explode between them.
    Jin Wang is caught off guard, and the entire person is blasted away.
    This time, it’s not just Jin Wang. Even Muyan is also affected by this explosive power.
    She flies out like a kite that has its string broken.
    “A–!” someone cries out.

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  1. What just happen? Self-defense mechanism activated? Its time Jin Wangye leaves the stage. I wonder who will have the pleasure of killing him.

    Thank you for the update.


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