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Chapter 430: Is there any room for a choice?
    Di Ming Jue’s complexion immediately goes black.
    His figure flashes, instantly appearing behind Muyan. Before anyone knows it, he has already taken off his robe, securely wrapping it around Muyan’s delicate form.
    With thick jealousy in the man’s voice, “Would you believe me, if I say that I will gouge out all the eyeballs of everyone here?”
    Han Ye and Ying Mei shudder: Jun Shang, you said ‘everyone’, but that shouldn’t include us, right?
    Muyan stares blankly at first, but then she can’t help but snicker.
    She doesn’t decline Di Ming Jue. Taking advantage of the offer, she uses his clothes to wrap herself up instead. She blinks up at him, “I just hate Li Jinting’s clothes.”
    She hates the wedding dress that Li Jinting had put on her.
    But she has tightened the clothes that Di Ming Jue draped on her.
    This kind of attitude, such a difference in intimacy and distance – what it means is already expressed very clearly.
    Di Ming Jue looks a bit stiff at first, but after quite a while, he lowly scolds her in a manner of showing strictness while he’s soft inside, “Even so, in the future, you can’t undress in front of other men again!”
    He growls somewhat loudly, and his tone is very strict – but, Jun Shang-daren, perhaps you would’ve been more convincing if your ears aren’t so red.
    “If you want to live, you can!” Muyan raises a hand, and dozens of bottles appear on the table, “What’s in this bottle is called Three Days’ Lost Soul. Those who take it will lose all their memories from the last three days.”
    “You have all come to know of too many things that you shouldn’t. It should be very obvious that I can’t let you guys leave alive with these secrets.”
    Hearing Muyan’s statement, everyone looks at each other.
    They all show hesitant expressions, “Who-who knows if those bottles contain poison or not?”
    “Hm… if it’s poison, what can you do?” Muyan has a disdainful look, “Do you still have any room to be picky?”
    Everyone’s expressions become incredibly unsightly. They’re extremely angry in their hearts, but they don’t have the smallest bit of courage to rebel.
    “I’ll take it!” Huang Yao’s Prince is the first to stand up and make his way towards Muyan. Without the slightest hesitation, he takes the porcelain bottle and drinks the draught inside it.
    Muyan has a faint smile, and she holds out a hand as a gesture to request him to leave.
    Huang Yao’s Prince was originally unhappy and resentful from the bottom of his heart. In front of the young woman’s charming smile however, his heart involuntarily jumps, and his face becomes very red.
    His escape also seems like he’s running out.
    “Seventh Prince, wait for me, I’ll drink it too!”
    The Seventh Prince’s subordinate drinks it down, and he rushes out in a similar way.
    He goes to catch up with the Seventh Prince. It’s only after they’ve gone a fair distance away from the Jin Wangfu that he fearfully says: “Your Highness, I didn’t expect that Jun Muyan’s background would actually have…”
    Suddenly, his voice spontaneously stops. His face shows a vacant expression, “Eh, shouldn’t I be inside the Palace, giving a report on the battle progress to His Imperial Majesty? How come I’m here?”
    The Seventh Prince also shows an astonished expression, “Why am I here?”
    This situation happens to every individual that leaves Jin Wangfu.
    There are also several people of Jin Wangfu who wanted to fish in troubled waters, and escape by pretending that they are guests – but Han Ye and Ying Mei saw through all of them.
    Han Ye can only sigh, saying: “Miss Jun’s skill in refining medicine is really too incredible.”
    “Granted that she can bring a dying person back to life, but going as far as making someone forget their memories from the past three days… even in the Xiuxian Continent, there are very few people who can refine such a substance, right?”
    Ying Mei’s indifferent face reveals a rare look of worship and admiration, quietly saying: “Miss is naturally the best. There’s nothing that she can’t do.”

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