EMHS – ch473

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Chapter 473: I didn’t do it on purpose
    “Little Shadow, you’re here!” Han Ye cries out, pleasantly surprised. He no longer cares about Xuan Ji.
    Springing over, “I didn’t sense your spiritual fluctuations, so I thought this guy was hiding you! Little Shadow, how are you, you’re not… not…”
    Han Ye’s voice resembles a rushing waterfall that is suddenly cut off.
    The expression on his face is completely frozen as well.
    His eyes are staring straight, unblinkingly fixed on the girl struggling to get up from the bed, unable to shift or turn.
    That’s right, a girl.
    Even if Han Ye is stupid, he could still be sure that the person getting up from the bed is a woman.
    Long, jet-black hair hangs down like a waterfall on her alluring snow white shoulders.
    The clothes on her body are torn and tattered, even the red apron has fallen halfway down.
    Snow white jade rabbits are jumping in succession, pink berries faintly discernible.
    Perfect, long legs hang limply at the edge of the bed.
    Han Ye’s stiff gaze slowly move up along the slender calves.
    Then with a gasp, his brain goes blank.
    A thin, warm flow spills out from his nose.
    Han Ye abruptly raises a hand to cover his nose. Sputtering, incapable of completing his words, “Li-li-little… Little Shadow, y-you… how could you be a woma… you… you’re a wo-wo-wo… woman?”
    “Shut up!” Ying Mei fiercely glares at him, “Hurry over here and put clothes on me!!”
    But unfortunately, she’s unaware that her cheeks are flushed right now, charming eyes are like silk as they stare over, looking so alluring.
    Han Ye becomes completely dazed.
    Moving almost like a marionette, he walks towards her.
    Just before he reaches the side of the bed, he trips on the foot of the bed, and the whole person stumbles forward.
    A soft muffled moan, resembling delight and pain, enters his ears.
    Han Ye worries if he has hurt Little Shadow.
    Suddenly, he comes to his senses, and discovers that his face seems to be buried in something soft and fragrant.
    He has never felt this kind of tactile sensation before.
    Han Ye foolishly reaches out a hand, unable to stop himself from touching it.
    It feels smooth, soft, and supple – making the whole person go stupid.
    Th-th-this… this is…
     “Scoundrel! If you dare to keep groping, whether you believe or not, I’m going to kill you!!”
    Han Ye suddenly gets up, “N-n-no, Little Shadow, please believe me, I… I didn’t do it on purpose!”
    From Han Ye’s nose, several drops of bright red liquid falls down on Ying Mei’s chest.
    As he gets up, his hand happens to brace up from that unmentionable place.
    “Han–!! Ye–!! Do you want to die!!”
    Han ye is practically rolling and crawling as he’s kicked down from the bed.
    He quickly wipes off the blood falling from his nose, then he takes out some clothes from inside his Space Ring, putting it on Ying Mei.
    Since Ying Mei doesn’t have even a little bit of strength on her body,
    She can only rely on Han Ye’s help to cloth her.
    As it happens, Han Ye is awkward and clumsy. Right now, the man is panicked and his brain is all mush.
    “Wretch, where do you think you’re touching!!”
    “S-s-sor, sorry, I’m not doing it on purpose!”
    Han Ye is already gathering and using all his willpower to not touch Ying Mei’s silky skin.
    But in the process of putting clothes on her, he still couldn’t avoid touching.
    “Oh–!” with the drug’s effects still remaining in her body, Ying Mei lets out a low moan.
   The sound is so soft and lovely, it could provoke and burn even a block of stone.
    But Han Ye thinks that she’s in pain, so he forgets everything in his anxiousness and hugs her.

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