EMHS – CH487

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Chapter 487: Jun Shang, your integrity
    It’s only after a long time that he slowly speaks: “Since this is… a matter that my Lady wants to look after, Ben Jun will naturally come along. Moreover, Ghost City was founded by my Polar Domain, and it is therefore of my concern. How can I disregard it?”
     That said, he turns to Han Ye, “Since you don’t want anything to do with it, there’s no use for you to stay here. It’s better for you to go to Di Yuan’s Purgatory Pool and receive punishment!”
    Han Ye’s eyes immediately go wide, simply unable to believe his own ears.
     Goddammit, ‘he’ doesn’t want to do anything with it?!
    Isn’t it that, as an Immortal of the upper bound, Jun Shang must not participate in mortal affairs?
    When he was talking just a moment ago, wasn’t Jun Shang giving tacit approval?
    Why is it that Miss Muyan only said a line about wanting to meddle, and you immediately change your mind!
    Even selling out Han Ye so thoroughly.
    Jun Shang, what about your integrity?!
    More importantly, who exactly did he provoke and anger ah! Why is he always the one that gets harmed!
    The state of affairs in the Ghost City is very strange.
    A Ghost King clearly died, but the entire Wangjiang Ghost City is still operating normally.
    It’s as if they’re not affected at all.
    Even the herbs that Muyan wanted, as well as the gold coins from selling the special grade draughts – all of them were delivered in a very timely fashion.
    What concerns Muyan more is that-
    Magistrate Qin, and the others who stood on her side to defend Muyan that day on the Ghost City, there’s no trace of them these days.
    She went to ask that white-bearded Magistrate Liu, but he only said that they’ve been sent somewhere to carry out some tasks.
    There’s another matter that even more intractable.
    Han Ye and the others couldn’t contact the Ghost Lord, neither could they find any traces of him.
    Just when Muyan is contemplating how she should start destroying Gong Qianxue’s annex of the Ghost City, she receives a letter of invitation.
    “Ghost Wind Valley?” hearing this name, a dramatic change comes over the faces of Ru Yan and Old Tao.
    Even Yan Haotian and Feng Haitang are showing worried expressions.
    “Miss, you absolutely mustn’t go to the Ghost Wind Valley!” Ru Yan exclaims, “Even though Old Tao and I have never been to that place, we do know that it is a forbidden area of the Ghost City. Aside the Ghost City’s higher ups, when other people go in there, absolutely none of them come out alive.”
    Feng Haitang adds: “I’ve also heard about the Ghost Wind Valley. Once in the past, there were nineteen Precelestials who attacked the Ghost Wind Valley at the same time. Later, nineteen went in, but only one came out alive in the end, and that one also went insane.”
    “Miss, if you want to stop Gong Qianxue from taking over the Ghost City, there are plenty of ways, but you definitely don’t need to go and take this kind of risk. What’s more, Shi Lanling, she is also in the Ghost Wind Valley. That woman’s status in the Ghost City is so high, and she hates you so much, Miss. In the Valley, she would have surely set up a trap that’s waiting for you!”
    Listening to the people eagerly dissuading,
    Muyan nevertheless looks relaxed and nonchalant.
    She stretches out a hand to pick up the invitation, reading it through once more.
    The contents of the invitation is very simple.
    Ghost City’s Ghost Lord is seriously ill, so they’re inviting all the famous doctors under the heaven to set out for the Ghost Wind Valley, and treat the Ghost Lord’s illness.
    If he is cured, Ghost City will heavily compensate.
    The invitation is signed by two individuals – one is the Ghost City’s Shi-xianzi, Shi Lanling; the other is Huang Yao’s Ghost King.
    Muyan knows of course, that for Shi Lanling to invite her, she definitely has some bad intentions.
    However, her patience has run thin.
    Shi Lanling, this woman has been plotting against her over and over again.
    She’s really sick of it.
    This time’s invitation, in addition to treating the Ghost Lord’s illness, it would accordingly allow her to explore the Ghost City’s real situation, as well as Gong Qianxue’s schemes.
    How could she not go?
    “Well, everyone, say no more- I’ve decided to go to the Ghost Wind Valley! But as you’ve all said, the place is too dangerous. Your company would instead drag my feet back, so this time, I’m going by myself!”

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